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Banking & Finance

We act for most of the domestic financial institutions. Our job scope includes drafting and advising financial institutions in relation to loan structures and security, enforcement of security documentation which include foreclosure proceedings and loan recovery.

The scope of work also extends to :

    • Hire purchase, credit cards, housing mortgage loan recovery litigation
    • Security / collateral documentation
    • Legal charges and related documentation
    • Loan Agreement cum Assignment and related documentation
    • Indemnity Agreements
    • Bridging loan Agreements

Corporate & Commercial

We offers a wide range of corporate and commercial law services with banking and finance, company incorporation, privatization, accounting, joint ventures, insurance, investment and real estate.

The scope of work also extends to :

    • Incorporation
    • Joint Venture Agreements
    • Company Liquidation
    • Winding Up Proceedings
    • Shareholders Dispute & Minority Oppression
    • Injunction restraining the Company or Directors
    • Sale of Goods, Merchandising Agreements


Employment Law has become increasingly complex in view of numerous statutes which protect the rights and interest of workers / employees. In view of such complexities, we are focused in practical outcomes which benefit both the Employer and the Employee.

The scope of work extends to :-

    • Drafting of Contracts of Employment and HR Policies to ensure that they are in compliance with local legislation.
    • Preparation of performa letters to assist in the management of indiscipline and misconduct which is consistent with the legal requirements for fairness and just cause.
    • Assisting with setting up of a domestic inquiry panel to investigate any allegations of misconduct.
    • Drafting of necessary documentation for the performance improvement process within organizations.
    • Industrial Court / Labour Court Representation

Estates, Trusts

Our experience in trusts includes setting up corporate trusts structures and private trusts. We are also experienced in handling disputes relating to trusts and probate / wills. We provide advise to individuals, trustees, executors, corporate clients and others in the areas of trust, estates and charities. We also handle cases dealing with will contested wills, disputes concerning trusts and the administration of trusts and estates.

Our scope of work also extends to :-

    • Preparation of Wills
    • Establishment of Trusts
    • Extraction of Grant of Probate / Letters of Administration


The firm is extremely sensitive to issues relating to family and matrimonial disputes. It is the firm’s practice that litigation is seen as a last resort. The firm endeavors to bring parties to win-win settlement for all.

The scope of work also extends to :-

    • Deed of Family settlements
    • Divorce, Nullity
    • Custody & Maintenance

Real Estate & Conveyancing

Apart from the standard conveyance and application for loans for housing and development projects, our scope of work also extend to :-

    • Conversion, Amalgamation, Subdivision, Partition Land
    • Forfeiture of Land by virtue of breach of condition of title
    • Joint venture & Development Agreements
    • Foreclosure Proceedings
    • Tenancy Agreement
    • Eviction & Distress (recovery of rental) Proceedings


The firm strongly believe in equipping it’s clients with knowledge of the legal implications for the day to day management of their organizations. We are focused on providing in house training to our clients, so that they better manage their organization so as to avoid any pitfalls which may result in the organization being subjected to litigation.