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About Us



The professional services we provide to our clients involve a high degree of professionalism and a complex mixture of technical expertise and inter personal skills. We strongly believe a successful lawyer requires Three basic qualities :-

    1. Legal excellence. The lawyers in our firm has the necessary technical training to be a good lawyer but it is their belief that technical ability is only the beginning.
    2. Ability to relate to clients and provide valued personal advice.
    3. Ability to relate to other people in the office.


Being committed involves more than simply believing in something it also means acting on it.

At RAJA NOR & SU LYNN, our commitments are rooted in the very nature of our work, always attending to abstract as well as the concrete. In this way, we translate our commitments and conviction into action.

Our commitment extend to both our clients and our employees. Each of these commitments is the heart of what defines us as a firm, and everything we do to honour these commitments helps us to more fully achieve our objectives.

RAJA NOR & SU LYNN’s commitment to its clients finds expression in the time, energy and money it invests in maintaining a good corporate culture at the office, developing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with our clients over the long term by providing quality service at reasonable costs as this formula often lead to subsequent and/or repeated transactions and enjoyable lasting business alliances.

Our commitment is fuelled by who we are and enhances the impact of everything we do.


The standard of our service is very high and we strive constantly to ensure that this standard is met. We at RAJA NOR & SU LYNN believe that if we are good, we want to be better, if we are fair, we will work harder and if we are satisfactory, we will act fast to correct it. The staff’s dedication, their team spirit, their faithfulness in abiding by contracts ensure that the legal service we provide is of high quality as at RAJA NOR & SU LYNN, the race for quality has no finishing line and quality is our permanent philosophy.


RAJA NOR & SU LYNN’s reputation is built on our industry expertise, which is constantly honed to ensure the continued performance of our portfolios with our clients. Indeed, our insights, expertise and culture of human values make us a business partner of choice.

As with everything else, the proof is in the performance, and the performance of our skilled and dynamic team has been unmistakably powerful, having adopted a flexible strategy that is adaptable to different realities.


The firm is of the opinion that the beginning point in any matter is to establish exactly what our client wants to achieve and the possible ways in which we can provide assistance. As a general rule, we share the responsibility with our clients for ensuring that the right questions are being asked. Our clients’ opinion and observations are important to us as their constructive feed back on our services and discerning comments will enable us to better understand our clients’ evolving needs, expectations and standards in today’s challenging business environment and assist us in continuously improving and maintaining our high standards, thus ensuring that our clients’ expectations and standards are met at all times.


Excellent research and analysis is the most important element of quality legal service. We placed equal importance in drafting and writing skills and we pride ourselves in the art of effective advocacy and negotiation. We are sensitive to the need for specialised help and it is our belief that no major advice should go to a client unless it has been reviewed by the responsible partner. It is the firm’s belief that delegation should not be abdication, one can delegate the work but never the responsibility. We strive to keep up to date with developments in the law. It gets harder every year but we feel even more essential. It is the aim of this firm to keep up by attending specialised conferences, seminars or workshops and by preparing articles, speeches or talks in one’s special area of expertise and we hope that through these learning exercises we could assist our clients better or help them get better acquainted with specialised areas of law to meet today’s increasingly challenging, sophisticated and rapidly changing business environment.


Speed is a major component of quality service and we will strive our best to honour all undertakings. By the same token it is the firm’s belief that the more efficiently we can work as a team, the less time it will take to produce the required standard of service and the more reasonable our fees can be. As we feel our prophylactic role is important, we will try to inform our clients of developments in the law that may affect them and try to spot legal issues before they become problems.


RAJA NOR & SU LYNN has put in place an initiative known as B.E.S.T (Building Exceptional Service Teams) program in order to constantly improve the quality of our client service to our major Institutional clients requiring a very well regulated infrastructure to meet their needs and expectations.


The appearance and presentation of our work is important. We want our clients to get value for their money, hence the work embodied in our documents should look like first class products. Due attention is given to details of grammar, spelling, layout, standard of photocopying, correct enclosures, binding and general presentations.


It is the firm’s policy to shred drafts and other material that anyone in the firm discards. All matters, however trivial will remain private and confidential and we believe that no client’s name should ever be mentioned in any external conversation and even more importantly we appreciate that the mere fact that we are currently working on a particular matter may be useful information in the hands of a competitor or in the market.


We want our clients to be assured of optimum customer service and it is the firm’s belief that consistent transaction growth demands accurate, quality work completed in the most efficient manner at fair and reasonable prices. The firm aspires to provide fast, accurate, quality and friendly service in a relaxed professional environment. We want our valued clients to be assured that our rates are fair and reasonable in the context of the city firm market. As there are always lawyers in town who will work for less but we like to think that our rates represent fair value for excellent work. We are reluctant to depart from our set billing rates and scale fees but we do so where it is appropriate and we exercise flexibility and discretion in determining the final amount billed.


We are currently adequately staffed and is fully able to render our professional services with speed, accuracy and efficiency. In our firm, everyone we hire has the necessary technical training and expertise for the respective type of work the firm engages in. Special working groups are formed to maximise the firm’s output to ensure all our clients are assured of optimum customer service. As the firm refused to compromise on giving our valued clients optimum customer service, we will not hesitate to hire additional manpower to honour our undertakings. It is the firm’s belief that the backbone of a successful organisation is a team of highly disciplined, dedicated, qualified and experienced staff who give full play to their wisdom, creativity and co-operation so as to realize the firm’s aim at making contributions to our community, society and country.

As we value quality client service, we are equally conscious of human frailty, like all human relationships and interaction, a strong client relationship depends on personality factors. Each lawyer and each client is different and there is no single best way of ensuring that the relationship is as perfect as it possibly can be. It is hope that by adhering to cherished values and implementing the points and beliefs outlined above, we go some way towards ensuring the quality of our client service. The rest is left to each individual, collectively as a dynamic team be it in the macro or micro sense to apply sensitivity and discretion to all our undertakings and to do the best we can – for you.

We look forward to serving you and in the process, to satisfy the various needs of our community, our society and our country.