RAJA NOR & SU LYNN is made up of Two (2) partners, namely Cik Raja Nor Azmawati Bt Raja Ahmad and Miss Wong Su Lynn. It was borne of a long-lasting friendship dating way back to the partners University days and the many shared values and attitudes between them.

Our hallmark is the provision of advice and legal services which is commercial,practical i.e. usable and concise. The standard of our service is very high and we strive constantly to ensure that this standard is met. The firm believes that producing to quality legal service on a regular basis is like any other skill. We know what we should do but it is only through constant practice and attention that the skill becomes finely tuned then it becomes second nature, a matter of habit. The firm is very fortunate to have with it personnel who are highly disciplined, dedicated, qualified and experienced who were used to providing good service and who themselves believe such skills are even better when they become a habit.

As ultimately the legal profession is a service orientated profession, we will provide an outline of various practical aspects of what we, at RAJA NOR & SU LYNN sees as client service.

The ingredients are mostly matters of common sense and experience. We feel that if we are sensitive to our clients’ expectations, if we maintain high standards of analysis, drafting and speed and can combine that with good presentation, an ability to communicate well and that we are efficient in our work, then we will have both professional satisfaction and a thriving business.